Hello world!

Hi! First blog entry:

My name is Alexx E. I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 years and a vegan for 2. Throughout that time I’ve benefited in so many ways from this lifestyle change. I’ve become noticeably healthier and happier. I’ve discovered the joys of cooking delicious food (and watching the expressions of shock from omnivores after they’ve tasted my vegan creations!). However, I’ve also discovered some less than pleasant aspects of the animal rights movements, which is something that I’d like to address in more detail later.

For a long time, I was a bit shy about my vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I was afraid of being viewed as the stereotype of a rabidly militant animal rights activist. Therefore, I rarely discussed the reasoning behind my dietary choice and even offered excuses like “well I’ve just never liked the taste of meat all the much…or eggs or milk or honey or the gelatin in marshmallows.”

Then I realized, what good is this really doing? How can I even pretend to myself that I’m involved in the vegan movement, if I can’t even tell my friends why I eat the way I do?

And “the revolution. simplified” began. This blog will serve as a place for me to share my recipes and record my own experiences as a vegan. I hope my recipes will help make the diet more accessible (I personally am tired of vegan cookbooks that seem written only for those who can afford thirty different extracts, and every meat substitute the overpriced Whole Foods has ever carried).  I also hope my own experiences with veganism, in particular, advocating the lifestyle in my own community, will inspire others do the same.

It’s getting quite late in my area, but expect another post very soon!

–alexx e.


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