gratuitous photos post

super quick post of some things i want to share.


I am so excited about my garden–this is an old photo, so the plants are actually much older now. I can’t wait to post pictures of the actual fruits and vegetables I get!

what I’ve planted:
-moon and stars watermelon
-purple basil
-heirloom tomatoes
-fiskeby soybeans
-chocolate peppers
-dragon carrots (they are blood red–almost purple)

and others…I am so, so excited and it’s been raining a lot here, the garden is flourishing..It’s really beautiful.

Also, during Spring Break I had gone to Mexico and feasted on all the beautiful fruits there. One that I’m really missing is this very strange fruit that kind of looks like a cross between an avocado and a papaya. We made an absolutely amazing smoothie with it that was so creamy and delicious…it’s been so humid here lately that I’ve really been craving beautiful, sunny fruits but unfortunately they are not readily available in the Midwest.

the mysterious fruit


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